Awesome... Yet Afforable Places to Live in Maine!
Aug 15, 2017 in Town Reports

New England is filled with charm and draws the attention of tourist’s year after year! Maine has something to offer for everyone, from beach’s, mountains, scenic towns, boating and fishing communities etc. For the past few weeks we have given you a preview of various towns in Coastal, Southern, and Greater Portland Maine regions. Now we are going to breakdown some of the most affordable cities to live in Maine: South Portland, Portland, and Biddeford! There is more to Maine than lighthouses, L.L. Bean, and lobsters and also be sure to check out a video of Coastal Maine to explore other affordable coastal places to live! :)

South Portland, is just south of Portland along the water’s edge. The suburban community offers many quiet neighborhoods, great for families or anyone who wants to live close to, but outside of the city of Portland. The South Portland housing market for residential real estate saw a total of 392 homes and condos sold in 2016. The median sales price for 2017 is $259,000, while the median household income is $54,598.

Secondly, Portland is known for its business climate, healthy living, and recreational opportunities. Residents of Portland can find just about every type of food from Maine lobsters, pizza, to Chinese food. In fact, there are more restaurants in Portland per capita than anywhere in Maine. Median home price for Portland, ME is $280,000. For condos the median price is around $289,450, while median household income is around $46,280. Although homes and condos are not cheap, residents are getting a good deal compared to what is offered around the city.

Lastly, we pick Biddeford as another affordable place to live. Biddeford’s median home price is around $295,000, and median household income is $46,940. Residents of this area enjoy various amenities making it an affordable place to live. New commercial centers have sprung in Biddeford center including many restaurants, beer breweries including Banded Horn Brewing Company, and The Run of the Mil Public House.

Overall Maine is a desirable place to live for a number of reasons! It is your job now to go explore these various towns and cities and see what is out on the market:) 

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