Amanda Johnson Realtor

One day I was thinking to myself, “it would be amazing if I could drink coffee and chat real estate all day…” Wait—why don’t I get right on that? 

Hi, I’m Amanda Johnson. During my 13 years in the Marketing world, I always had an entrepreneurial itch that just wouldn’t go away. The trouble was that every time I sat down to focus on a new career or idea, I would get distracted looking at homes for sale online! I finally made the jump over to real estate and couldn’t be happier. 

Buying and selling homes is a momentous process, both financially and emotionally. I sincerely welcome the opportunity to guide and assist clients along the way. 

I am thrilled to be part of the Portside Real Estate Group in Maine. After a handful of years living and working down in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, I was eager to get back to my roots in the Portland, Maine area. My husband and I moved into our Freeport, ME home just in time too—a week before the birth of our twin boys back in 2013. 

When I’m not frolicking along the seacoast of Maine with clients, I love spending time with my husband of 12 years and our two “ninja” 4-year-old boys. And I was overly excited when we added a dog to the mix—a fluffy Puerto Rican mutt that I can’t get enough of.

Amanda Johnson

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