The MyMaineProperty Housing Report - April 2017
May 30, 2017 in Market News

For the month of April the markets we follow saw median pricing gains of around 15% coupled with transaction volume decreases of about 25% on average with a whopping 50% drop seen in Portland.. holly smokes!

Will these trends continue or are they just an anomaly?

We recently posted some similar eye opening stats on the Portland condo market that do however seem to reinforce what we are seeing...HIGH buyer demand & LIMTED &  SHRINKING inventories.

Does nobody want to sell their home? Are sellers simply holding out for perceived greater gains in the fugture?  Maybe Sellers are just concerned about not being able to find something to buy once they do sell?

Either way...happy house hunting and we are here to help anytime! :) 
April 2017 
Median Prices
Units Sold
% Chg
% Chg
Cumberland County
York County

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