Week In Review... when is the snow going to melt?!
Mar 21, 2017 in Market News

Greetings all!  

We made it to week 2 of this report!! :)  Perhaps not a ton of useful analysis yet as we continue to collect the data, but as they say....myMaineProperty was not built in a day! 

I added total listings to the data we will be tracking and despite the lingering polar bear'esq weather you can definitely sense things heating up!  For example, our team, Herrigel Kennedy, just listed this sweet starter condo 3 days ago in Portland and pretty sure we have an offer coming in on it already.. crazy!!

Cumberland County
York County
Sagadahoc County
Lincoln County

Nobody responded to my offer for the free book in last weeks report, except for my real estate partner Thomas :), so the offer is still out there!

How will you change the world this week?  How will you create a better place for your family, friends and co-workers.. take a moment to be grateful for all we have...its a lot of incredible stuff.

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