Downtown Portland ME Condos: An Overview
May 25, 2017 in Portland Condos

About a month ago we wrote a post entitled "Portland Maine Condos For Sale: An Overview Miniseries." The intent being to being writing a series of posts on the condo market of Portland.

Well...better late than never here is our second installment  "Downtown Portland ME Condos: An Overview" :)

So when we talk about downtown Portland we are talking about the neighborhoods "on the peninsula".

 The 4 lower most in the diagram

There are actually a few other ways to chop up the peninsula, but for simplicity we chose this way.

Each region really does have a completely different feel and vibe to it.  The West End was built with a lot of brick and  has a strong Victorian influence...with wider streets and a quieter feel it is what I like to describe as "suburban intown" living.

The East End is where all the actions been at as of late with the lions share of new construction taking place here and more coming!  The East End saw the first large scale condo development, The Bay House, constructed here bout 5 years ago.

Downtown Proper is sandwiched between the East and West Ends.  You can find some great waterfront condo associations right off of Commercial street such as Chandlers Wharf or Portland Pier.

Bayside with large tracts of undeveloped land will perhaps be the new East End.   A bit rough around the edges for sure Bayside is already experiencing exciting and significant growth like the recently opened ROOF TOP DECK at Bay Side Bowl.

Up Next?  We will start to explore the individual neighborhoods assuming summer fun does not get too much into the way! :)

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